I love this love list description. I love that feeling of my partner next to me at night and those magical times that his hand moves to my back and rubs it simply and gently. A small gesture means so much more. It says, “I like it that you’re here,” or, “I want to express my love,” or, “I wish for you a restful sleep.”I wrote my love list in those years that I was sleeping with my cat, Hercules, who made his way to my pillow every night and curled up next to my head. There was something comforting in his presence. After 22 year of sleeping next to someone, I felt calmed by Hercules’ company. It was the rhythm of his breathing that most soothed me.I know some people feel the need for space in the night and separate themselves from their partner on the other side of broad bed. I prefer touch, gentle and loving.