It makes sense that, nearing the end of my list of 100 characteristics, I’d describe someone who also had gotten really clear on what he wanted. After all, this entire exercise in list-making was my declaration to the universe of my heart’s desire.When Craig and I met, he was also divorced and had spent several years, too, getting clearer and clearer on what he wanted. In fact, the “headline” he wrote for himself on the online dating site where we first connected was, “I still want it all.” I loved that. His proclamation signaled to me that he hadn’t given up on creating both the life and the relationship of his heart’s desire.Few of us grow up hoping to divorce. That’s not how the stories we are drawn to go. We love the fairy-tale romance, the sweep-me-off-my-feet and live-happily-ever-after stories. And, when our personal story doesn’t match this long-held ideal, it’s easy to believe that we won’t ever have what we really want.What I know is that our hearts never has a desire that’s not possible. Never. Our heart doesn’t play that game. If you have a desire of the heart, hold it tenderly and with a knowing that your desire is on its way. Believe in what’s possible.