It's true: our beliefs drive our life. What you believe about life, love, & relationships creates your experience. And, you may have beliefs that are blocking you from what you truly desire. To find these beliefs, you must dig in and uncover your beliefs.

Easy? Well, yes, but it takes practice. In order to get clear on what you REALLY believe about life or love or relationships, start by listening to your thoughts. Pay attention to your words, which are simply thoughts that you care about enough to speak. Your beliefs show up readily in your thoughts and words. These prevailing thoughts--the ones that are automatically playing over and over in your head--create your experiences.

Once you see your prevailing thought patterns about life, love and relationships, you have stepped into a state of awareness. With this new awareness, I invite you to ask yourself 3, key questions about your prevailing thoughts:

Why do I have these thoughts?What meaning are these thoughts making about myself? about others? about life?What beliefs must I have in order to be having these thoughts?

There was once a time in my life, for example, that my prevailing thoughts about men, in my "post-divorce 40's," sounded something like this: men in my age range who are single must be deeply flawed; otherwise, they'd be in a successful relationship. Yet, this belief meant that I was limiting what was possible and that I must have believed that NOT ONE of the millions and millions of men on this planet was committed to creating a relationship full of happiness, joy, and love. I must have believed that NOT ONE man on this planet was, like me, creating the next, best version of himself, having learned from his own wounds. How outlandish! How limiting! When I gained this awareness of these beliefs, I was then able to see that it WAS possible that there was ONE human on this planet that did match my own list of what I truly desired in a relationship.

Examining your beliefs can be uncomfortable, even scary, because the awareness you gain will likely call for you to BECOME a new version of yourself.

Are you willing to explore your prevailing thoughts?

Are you willing to let go of beliefs that do not serve you?