I think we all can agree that we are living in extraordinary times, and it's easy to lose ourselves and overlook our own needs when it feels a little crazy out there. In my work with clients, I always begin by focusing on their relationship with themselves. Why?

Because your relationship with yourself has the single

greatest impact on your relationship with everyone else.

So, in the chaos in the US following the election and the ripples it's created around the world, I offer you 3 strategies for nurturing your relationship with yourself in this week's video blog.


Not feeling great while watching the news? Choose to disengage for at least 48-hours and then assess how you feel. It's an important form of self-care and a way for you to be present with your family. 


Reach out to those people in your life that you think you don't have a lot in common with and just listen. I called a friend this week who has very different political views from mine, and we talked--not about politics--but about life and kids and meaningful work. It was so good for my soul to hear her kind voice.


Do what makes you feel amazing: take an extra-long soak in the tub, put a puzzle together; color just for fun. We often put everything in front of caring for ourselves, including listening, reading, or watching news that makes us feel frustrated and angry. 

I promise you this: caring for yourself in these critical ways will positively impact every, single relationship you have and will keep your energy in the place to attract love, kindness, patience, compassion, and acceptance--all the fundamental things that create happiness and joy in your life.