'Tis the season where we hear, read, and think a lot about gratitude. We typically give thanks for the goodness we experience in life, and we wrestle with the negative emotions we feel--anger, jealousy, frustration, disappointment. We try to get rid of those negative emotions by taking positive actions that make us feel better, like exercising or relaxing or reading or talking to a friend or mentor. And, most of us have gotten swallowed up by a negative emotion at times, allowing it to ruin our day or our week by over-indulging in the downward spiral. No judgment for when you've gone there, wallowed in the sadness and allowed bitterness to set up camp. It's all part of this human experience!

I invite you to see these negative emotions as your inner wisdom saying, "pay attention to these feelings," and see them as guideposts, pointing to places within you that are asking for help, asking for you to come more and more into alignment with who you truly are: a divine being of light, destined for greatness, here on Earth in human form to live a life filled with happiness, love, peace, and joy. These negative emotions are simply notifying you that you're ready to transform some old story into a new one that serves your highest and greatest good.
What if you were brave enough to say, "I see you, Anger, I am grateful for you, and I'm committed to letting you go"? Could you transform emotions that no longer serve you into ones that do?

Personal transformation can feel hard and elusive, and it's worth every bit of your attention so that you can live with joy and ease. Start by being grateful for your negative emotions and being willing to understand what lessons they offer.