What could you do to HONOR yourself this holiday season? Start your New Year's Resolutions, now!
Truth is, NOW is always the best time to make any changes in your life that you're planning to make sometime in the future. Delaying any action that will create more health, peace, tranquility, strength and calm in your life can be self-sabotage.
So don't wait to—

Begin a daily mediation practice
Start a regular exercise habit
Eat healthy food to fuel your body

Starting NOW means in 21 days, you'll have begun the formation of important, empowering habits.
Prepare NOW to show up as your very best self next year.
Making the commitment NOW means that when January arrives, you're body, mind and spirit are in good care.

To create anything meaningful in life--friendships, intimate relationships, partnerships— personal & professional--you have to start with YOU. Self-care practices signal to yourself that you're worthy of your own time, attention, and effort.