How do you make positive change in life—with your body, mind, spirit, career, relationships?
The first step is to start now, before the new year. Don't delay. Important change can't be put off. Then, follow these 3 keys to create the changes you most desire.


Doesn’t sound like a silver bullet? Spoiler alert: there is no better silver bullet. You must hold the vision of the change you desire ever-present, and the starting point is to write a pledge to yourself. This pledge can describe what you commit to bring forward, how you commit to show up each day, and what the intrinsic rewards you’ll gain through your determination.


Making a plan of what to DO is incredibly important. Yet, if you simply create new things to do every day, you’ll likely not succeed. Why? Because your plate is already full. Likely, if you felt you had the time to devote to making positive changes, you would have already done so. Who doesn’t want to cultivate a healthy body, mind, and spirit? Who doesn’t want a fulfilling career, caring relationships, and a light & joyous spirit? So, the first thing to do is let go. Write down what you will release. Determine what is not serving you enough and let go of it—the activity, the habit, the chore, or the belief.  
Determine, then, what you’ll focus your time and energy upon daily. Consider what the person you envisioned earlier would choose each day in order to create positive change. Choose goals with targets 90 days from now. Be intentional in setting these goals—they represent the change you are creating.
Then, be specific by planning the next day each evening. For example, if your desire is to practice yoga regularly at a studio, then research local class options and schedule it. Most yoga studios and other fitness places have online scheduling, so you can schedule and pay. That’s a commitment you’ll keep. If your desires is to meditate daily, set your alarm 15 minutes earlier to give yourself that time.


Choose a partner who is also committed to positive change and create an accountability plan. Jointly decide how you will help each other.  Maybe you agree to send a photo of your daily journal—where you’ve tracked your practices for creating a healthy body, mind, and spirit. Share your 90-day plans so that you can encourage each other. Send each other inspirational texts to show your support. Being visible with your desired changes allows others to give you encouragement and help you succeed.